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Sternlast - Easy InstallationSternlast - Easy Installation
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SternLast is a direct “fit-and-forget” replacement for rubber cutless bearings that can be fitted across a wide range of boats in both shaftlines and rudders.

SternLast allows you to continue protecting your boat’s shaft, but with a material proven to last 2 to 3 times longer than nitrile rubber bearings. Longer lasting bearings mean your boat can spend more time where it belongs – on the water.

SternLast’s outstanding material strength requires no additional brass outer shell, drastically reducing the weight and eliminating the risk of corrosion. No more nightmares when replacing. Available in standard sizes for immediate despatch, and non-standard sizes upon request.

The bearing material of choice for yachts, sail boats, tug boats, work boats, fishing vessels, barges, pontoons and patrol boats.

Wear Resistance

Wear Resistant

SternLast’s design and material properties ensure minimal wear during operation. You can expect 2 to 3 times less wear than when fitting rubber bearings.

Marine Approved

Marine Approved

SternLast has approvals with many major classification societies around the world, making it the ideal option for both merchant and leisure boats alike. We remain on hand to supply any certificates necessary.

Ease of Replacement

Ease of Replacement

As SternLast is non-metallic, there’s no risk of corrosion between the bearing and the surrounding bracket / housing. This makes replacement straightforward, saving serious amounts of time and money.

Sternlast VS Rubber


Lifetime 90%
Shaft Protection 85%
Ease of Installation and Replacement 70%
Marine Approvals 100%
Cost Effectiveness 90%


Lifetime 30%
Shaft Protection 30%
Ease of Installation and Replacement 10%
Marine Approvals 1%
Cost Effectiveness 35%

SternLast is able to offer greater lifetime than rubber cutless bearings as sediment in the water doesn’t embed in SternLast’s composite bearing material. With rubber bearings on the hand, the sediment embeds in the rubber, gradually tearing the rubber material, until one day the rubber completely separates from the brass shell – this can lead to very expensive shaft damage which is easy to avoid.

Suitable for all vessels with shafts of 155mm diameter and less.

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